LED retrofit Lamp--A more efficient light

Today, I got a new inquiry about 200W LED corn lights. They used 400Watt mercury vapour lamp in high bay lighting fixture before. Now, he want to use 200W LED corn lights to replacement existing metal halide lamps. He tried 200Watt LED corn lamp sample from other manufacturer, and satisfied with the lighting level. Yes, you may know it is a bout quality and price.

"I bought a 250W LED corn light with 32000lm output also from China, they were very efficient, I don't want to repalce entire fitting." Customer said

In view of the installation height is 9 meters high,our 200W LED corn light lumen output is 32000lm same as his sample. I checked our 200W LED corn light with a 32000lumen output with Dialux and 120W LED retrofit lamps for his project.

I notice 120W LED retrofit lamp lux level equivelant to our 200W LED corn light and his 250W LED corn light, but the price is cheaper than 200W LED corn light. I sent DiaLux lighting silulation reports to this customer. And told him, 120W LED retrofit lamp is a better choice to replace existing 400W MV lamp, more efficient, faster payback.

He said" I am happy with 250W LED corn light, I want a higher power than 200Watt."

To be sales, we provide thousands of lighting solution to our customers. I found our customer always willing to buy a higher power LED lights or higher lumen output LED lamp instead of higher light level.

Brightness, do not simply mean high lumen or power. There is a lot to take into consideration now for lighting levels. Same brand, same wattage, same chip..., different bean angle will provide different light level in a same project. The old way of looking at how bright a light will be is to look at the wattage. It is not incandescent lamp, higher wattage means higher brightness. You need to consider about lumens and lighting level in working area.

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